Monday, June 23, 2014

Our New Nosy Neighbors

They LOVE us!  Maybe it has something to do with carrots and apples...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Early Mornings at My House

Don't hate me because I get up early.  I say that sometimes and people act like they want to shoot me or something... I try to sleep in, really, I do!
But lying there in bed, trying to go back to sleep just makes me kind of crazy.

So this is what I do when I get up early.  I sew.  And sew, and sew.
 This morning it was just me, a hot cup of black coffee, the chatty old cat
and Breaking Bad-Season 5 on Netflix.

I have just listed these over at my Etsy Shop Curry Bungalow .  Take a look.
Maybe one of them will speak to you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Spreading the Love!

I've been spreading the love, THREAD CATCHER LOVE, that is!  I was asked back for a second Thread Catcher Workshop Day at the Rustic Rooster Quilt Shop, and what a fun day we had!  I led two workshop sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Everyone arrived with their fabrics cut and ready to sew.  I provided the pattern, a supply kit and lots of personal instruction.

These lovely ladies, they're sisters, are seen here, with their bags just completed.  They then moved on to finish the tile cover.

Check out that cute ladybug fabric and gingham print lining.  So cute!  It is such fun to see the fabric choices that everyone makes.

Almost finished.  It just needs the ladybug button in the center of the posy.

I was captivated by this little giraffe pincushion owned by one of the ladies.  She said that it was a thrift shop find.  Who could even think of letting this little gem go?!?

I had spent a good part of the day scoping out the inventory and picking out the fabrics that I wanted to purchase. 

I simply could not resist these yummy fabrics.  Who remembers when everyone had one of these funky alarm clocks on the bedside table?

I picked up some trims and zippers for future projects.

But I think that I am most excited about my new Karen Kay Buckley Curved Scissors!  I had a hard time resisting taking them out of the package before photographing.   Karen's scissors are the best that I have ever found in all my years of sewing, and that's a lot of years!  They are super sharp and even better, they STAY sharp.  I have had my large ones for about four years and after tons of use, they are still as sharp as the day I got them.  

Here is my KKB scissors family, all lined up and looking good.  I love them all!

We had so much fun at our Thread Catcher Workshop that the shop owner, Trina, has scheduled me for another Workshop Day in July, this time on a Saturday so that ladies who work can attend.  

I'm just spreading the love!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello, SPRING!

I know that it is not Spring in many parts of the country, but SPRING is bustin' out all over here at Curry Bungalow, and I am pretty darned happy about that.  Spring has not made a warm and wonderful appearance.  It has been more of an early and damp beginning, but we will take it any way that we can get it, if you know what I mean.

When I have not been working in the yard, I have been making Thread Catchers.  I've missed working on these little gems.  I cut out and prepped about 12 of them and have just posted these six at my Etsy Shop, Curry Bungalow .  More to come within the next few days, hopefully.  I am thinking that these would make really great Mother's Day gifts and I am offering them now because I will be having a very busy month in April and will probably not be doing much sewing, so get them while they're hot!