Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Thread Catchers

I think that I am on to something!  I absolutely cannot keep my Thread Catchers in my Etsy Shop! They sell as soon as I post them with one this morning being snapped up eight whole minutes after posting.

This crazy thing happened.  A couple of my "pins" were picked up on Pinterest from my other blog , T. in the Burg, and my Etsy shop kind of blew up!  I am getting thousands of blog hits per day and tons of interest and inquiries at my Etsy shop.  Who knew that a little sewing accessory would have such an impact?

I am writing the pattern for those who would like to make their own and will have it available soon.  Thanks to everyone who has expressed their interest in my product.  Bet you can't make just one!

  Another Dresden Dream Thread Catcher along
                      with it's pretty pincushion.

These delicious Joel Dewberry
"Notting Hill" fabrics make up so beautifully",
a very popular model of mine....
And another popular design in fabrics by
Holly Holderman.
New fabrics from the Moda "Honey Honey" line
by Kate Spain.  So pretty!


  1. You're going to make the pattern available for sale?? I'm so happy!! Not that you aren't VERY reasonable, mind you (I'm still hinting broadly to family that this is what I want for my birthday this year), but it would also be fun to try and make one, too!

  2. Hello, AnnieK, Yes, the pattern will be available soon. The text is written, the prototype is made and the photos have been taken. I am presently "finessing" it all, making the pattern look nice. After that, the next step is to finish the cover page, then it should be ready to launch. My problem is that the stuff of life keeps holding me up.

    I will actually be doing two patterns, the first one being the one that is pictured directly above this comment. Then the second pattern will be the one with the Dresden Plate element. It will hopefully go much faster than the first since a good part of the text will be similar. Thanks for your enthusiastic input about my little sewing accessory.